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High-voltage equipment plant of ATEF Group of Companies inaugurated.

The President of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev was the chief guest at the opening ceremony for the high-voltage equipment plant of ATEF Group of Companies at Garachukhur settlement.

Minister for Economic affairs Mr Shahin Mustafayev briefed the President about the economic signifacance of the factories for the economy of Azerbaijan. It was noted that ATEF Group of Companies is one of Azerbaijan's leading enterprises producing innovative and high technology products in the CIS. ATEF has also made a positive contribution to the industrial development of Azerbaijan.

President of ATEF Group of Companies, Mr Talib Alikhanbeyov briefed the President of Azerbaijan about other technological developments at ATEF's Baku transformer plant in Amirjan settlement and the metal construction plant in Hovsan district along with details about the future plans for development at the power transformers and electrical factory in Garachukhur settlement.

President Mr Ilham Aliyev inaugurated the high-voltage equipment plant officially and got briefed about the production process of the High-voltage equipment.